Date for   Saturday, November 9, 2013 9:00:00 AM - Saturday, November 9, 2013 5:00:00 PM

About Desert Code Camp

What is Desert Code Camp?

The answer is actually simple. In order to use the official Technology Conference name we follow these simple protocols:

  1. By and For the Developer Community

    Code Conferences are about the developer community at large. They are meant to be a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community.

  2. Free

    Desert Code Camps are free for attendees.

  3. Community Developed Material

    The success of the Code Conferences is that they are based on community content. All content that is delivered is original. All presentation content must be provided completely (including code) without any restriction. If you have content you don't want to share or provide to attendees then the Technology Conference is not the place for you.

  4. No Fluff: Only Code

    Code Conferences are about showing the code. Refer to rule #1 if you have any questions on this.

  5. Community Ownership

    The most important element of the Technology Conference is always the developer community. All are welcome to attend and speak and do so without expectation of payment or any other compensation other than their participation in the community.

  6. Never occur during work hours

    We need to understand that many times people can't leave work for a day or two to attend training or even seminars. The beauty of the Technology Conference is that they always occur on weekends.


Joseph Guadagno

For 20 years or so I have been in Software Development. During that time I have used many tools, languages, and technologies. I started out programming with a small book on QuickBASIC. I later moved on to Visual Basic for DOS. Windows then came along and I starting using Visual Basic for Windows, I then migrated to Visual Basic .NET and eventually ended up using Visual C#. I work as a Team Leader at Quicken Loans, based in Detroit, MI. I am a public speaker and present internationally on a lot of different technology topics, a list of them are available at  I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP in .NET (since 2009) and a Friends of Red Gate program(since 2015).

Some of my notable achievements

  • Former President and Vice President of INETA North America (2007-2015)
  • Founder of the Southeast Valley .NET User Group (SEVDNUG) in Chandler, AZ (2007-2013)
  • Currently serving on my the City of Chandler's Parks and Recreation board (since 2010)
  • Telerik MVP (2010 to 2012)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic MVP (1996)

Open Source Projects (

Events I organize or participate in